As a Member of Expert Consulting Services, LLC, Ms. Jacobson oversees the company’s long-term care insurance claims process and is the go-to subject matter expert for coaching and training of LTC front-line examiners and case consultations. She is a member of the Expert Consulting Services, LLC team, assisting both plaintiffs and defendants with consulting and expert witness work on long-term care (LTC) insurance claim litigation cases.

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Ms. Jacobson’s areas of expertise include:

  • Expert witness – report writing, deposition, and trial testimony
  • LTC claims examining
  • Claims consulting
  • Claims litigation
  • Insurance and benefit verification
  • Complex decision-making
  • Presenter and panel member for dispute resolution
  • Hybrid insurance products
  • Claims dispute resolution
  • Quality assurance audits
  • Risk management
  • Fraud investigation
  • Staff training and development
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis

Career Achievements and Affiliations

  • FLMI Certificate in Insurance Fundamentals
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Apprentice
  • Updated a workflow process that eliminated bottlenecks and led to a 47% reduction in claim review cycle times
  • Implemented a modernized approach for assessing ongoing claim benefit eligibility, leading to streamlined workflows and enhanced client experience
  • Implemented a quality assurance program, which led to a 38% reduction in claims errors within the first year
  • Established a training and development progression plan and successfully onboarded 11 new team members within the first year

Nicole Jacobson

It is tremendously satisfying to use my industry knowledge and extensive claims examining experience to resolve disputes and ensure fair outcomes in legal proceedings.